Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moving Belly

So I was lying in Pat's bed after I took a shower...and it always seems that the baby moves a lot after I take a shower or bath. So I decided to try to get a video of it. The beginning is a bit boring, but I started to "rile" her up by pushing on my belly and by the end my whole belly is moving :). She's sassy apparently haha. Other than my moving belly, I am now 7 months (28 week). yay. Only 3 months left. I don't feel very prepared, but my mother is more on the ball than me, and ordered my crib while I've been gone. She does nice things like that for putting the crib together and having it all set up for when I come home :). Anybody who has lived with me has probably seen the dresser I attempted to put together myself, It was ugly and took me all day to figure out. So it's a good thing if someone takes over the crib, because it'll have much more precious cargo than my clothing.

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  1. mike says he thinks princess carolyn has pat's temper! hahahaha