Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is that a bouquet growing out of your head?

I did another craft last night...and I really like how it turned out! I didn't at first because its not the best quality headband I've ever made, but It looked so cute on her I changed my mind. I've been having a great weekend with Liv...I really miss her during the week. We are used to spending all day/everday together. So its an adjustment, and I am taking advantage of the weekend :) Here are some photos of Liv with her new headband and a little video of Liv in her new fav toy (we call it her walk-around), she walks in circles and circles and talks and talks. Its hilarious. Enjoy!

Thinking about it...this is misleading bc it looks like she could actually take off, but she's wobbly...very.
2 teeth!!! They finally made their appearance


  1. Ok I am in love with that headband! It's adorable. Was it hard to make? Oh, and what is the name of that toy because I need to have it?

  2. I am insanely jealous of that headband. Ari wants one for her first birthday :) The second picture down is absolutely adorable oh and I bought puffs tonight :) Tino and Josie loved them, haha.

  3. dear liv,

    you are positively, absolutely, insanely beautiful. i could eat you up with a spoon, but then your mommy would miss you so i'll just have to drool over you from afar. your eyes are the prettiest shade of blue i can possibly imagine, and that smile make my heart go aflutter.

    p.s. could you please send poppy some tips on how to grow teeth? she is ten months old and still hasn't figured it out yet.



  4. The headband seriously took me 20 minutes to make. The hardest part was cutting out the flowers. here is a link for the little playstationg, its a little pricey but SO worth it. Liv spends so much time in there, she loves it

    Krysta I'm glad Josie and Tino loved the puffs haha...lily does too, she performs tricks while Liv is eating them :)

    Emily I about died when I read your comment! hahah, so funny...and where are Poppy's teeth??? You def. aren't missing out on the joys of teething though!

  5. OMG Desi she is growing so fast! I need to see her soon!!! Looks like you are having a lot of fun with her this past weekend! I have been trying to convince mine to come out! I even promised her a new car when she was 16 if she would come out soon! I think Rob wants her out just so her mom will stop shopping and spending money!
    Skype you soon!