Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Filling my time

With my days of not working coming to a close, I've been doing a few things I keep saying I'm going to do but never got around to it. I've mentioned the crafts I've been doing before and I've still been working on those. I also finally brought Liv outside in her snowsuit. It was freezing and we didn't last long, but I got a few pictures and at least we did it. I documented all of this with photos so here we go...

new headband!! I learned how to make the bow was so easy!
Newbib too, spoiled baby :)...I got the pattern for the bib here

The new bib is not only cute, but tasty too

Enjoying the freezing outdoors. It was SO bright and most of my pictures looked like this. Notice the new hat too! I cannot take credit at all for this hat, unfortunately. My mom is the crochet whiz...and I'm a failure, but I'll try again.


  1. Love the hat and headband!! I just saw the tutorial on MrsPriss last night on how to make it! Was it easy?? Did you just use one of her old headbands to attach the bow to? So cute, LOVE your craftyness lately Mama!


  2. she is such a stunning little lady! love her baby blues. great crafts - i think the bib is my favorite but they are all tdf!! <3

  3. Thanks...the bibs are my favorite too, but are unfortunately more time consuming than the headband ha.

    Krysta- It was really easy, like took me less than 10 minutes easy. I have some elastic that I made the headband out of, and that was easy too and cheap.

  4. She is absolutely gorgeous! My daughtr's name is Olivia too. :) I wish I was talented in crocheting and sewing.

  5. Such a beautiful baby girl!! My daughter is also 6 months old. I love the headband and her earrings. Are they pearl earrings and where did you buy them?

  6. Thank you! Those fake pearl earrings are from a little boutique called walmart :). They came with a matching little bracelet.

  7. First of all, she is beautiful. Secondly, I love her name. My name is Carolyn :). Third, I love your blog background. I need to get one of those.

    Oh and did you really make that bib?! Very cute!

  8. Thank you! Pats mom's name is Carolyn...thats how we chose it :). I kind of made the bib haha...I cut out the fabric, stitched on the thingy on the front of the bib and my mom sewed it. So I can't take all of the credit for it.

    My sister had to do the header for me bc she's a photoshop whiz and I had no idea what I was doing. I know you work with that photo editing stuff so you could do it yourself :).

  9. Desi,
    After looking at these pictures again, I have to say that I think your Baby Whisperer Mama should open up an Etsy shop. That hat is too cute!! (Along with all the other handmade things!) Maybe you two could have a shop together? Would Pat go for that? Then you could be a SAHM and make money at the same time :)

  10. Desi!
    Liv is so beautiful! I love your crafty motherness, I wish I could be so talented! I love my headband you made I'm wearing it right now acually :) Thank you so much. Miss you!