Thursday, February 4, 2010

all tied up

The score is now tied. Mommy and Daddy did some talking and decided bargaining with Liv would be the best idea. So...I offered her a hearty helping of bananacado and 8oz of milk before bed and she accepted and slept from 9pm to 4am! Winning feels so good :). Anyways, so she woke up at 4, ate a quick 6oz bottle and then I HAD to wake her up after 7 so that we could get to Grandma's and I could get to work on time. It was great...I'm basking in the glory of my win. Watch, tonight she'll take the lead and then I'm going to be done bragging on my blog.


  1. Oh yay! I am so glad that you got a good night's sleep though! And a little bargaining never hurt anyone every once in awhile. :) Hopefully you found a trick to the madness and Liv will sleep soundly tonight again.

  2. Nothing beats a good night's sleep, right???

    And thanks so much for stopping by Theta Mom! And I totally agree...I relate to blogs that are not "life is so easy," because we all know that's not reality.

    Great to "meet" you and look forward to blogging with you!