Monday, February 1, 2010


Today I was reading a blog post over here. Its basically about making time for yourself. I have no problem with this. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I'm living at home right now and my mother is more than willing to pick up Liv and do anything with her. Dont get me wrong..I love this. Its really nice to have someone want to rock liv to sleep or give her a bottle. It gives me a much needed break and its great to share all the fun/cute/silly stuff that Liv does. I usually take a night a week to go to a friend's house or out...both of which usually involve a glass of wine or bottle of beer....or 5. I'm 25, shoot me for wanting/needing a drink. There was nothing different last Friday when I headed to my friend, Shannon and Dane's house. I bought a six pack of beer and off I went. Nothing crazy, I got back home around 1:30am. Only to have Liv wake up at 6:00am and she would NOT go back to sleep. I seriously wasted 2 hours of my life trying. Finally, I gave up at 8. I lugged her upstairs, plopped her in her jungle gym , grabbed a huge cup of coffee, and hopped on skype to gripe to Pat about it. He asked where Liv was and I told him she was jumping like a mad woman, but I was having a hard time looking her in the eye because I was so tired. Pat went on to tell me that its not Liv's fault. And I knew this, but I was so tired that I had to be angry with someone. I then decided I needed to be angry with myself. For staying out too late and for being hungover. I have to get up in the morning. I've now decided that its not worth it. Well maybe once in awhile it will be worth it. I just can't stay out that late and be my best the next day. It also makes it hard because none of my friends have babies, but they love me so they'll have to love the "not staying out late" me :).

What will keep me busy all these nights? Maybe my new hobby I've got back into. I used to be big into making crafts (purses to be specific). But I just stopped, I'm not even sure why. I randomly get the urge to make something, which usually doesn't turn out, but I try. A few months ago I made Dani a headband and then I kept seeing all of these baby headbands, clips, and bibs on etsy and blogs...and so started my crafting again. Its kind of a collaborative effort with my mom. She's the sewing machine whiz. I'll get there, but not yet...not even kind of. I pick out the fabric, cut and stitch, and my mom sews. I've made tie bibs, now I'm onto snap ones, I've stitched a few headbands and my mom has started crocheting them. I am trying to make coffee sleeves...but this is something I'm actually sewing so its a process. I took some pictures of Liv today and she's showing off a few things we made for her. I'll have to have her model more later :)

My mom crochet'd this headband for her...and about 20 other ones

She gets these crazy eyes when she's going after lily :)

"come here lily lily lily"
What a good little headband model

making faces
A headband I made for her or stitched beads on


  1. Liv is the best little model, and you have quite the talent (even if your mom helps) Good for you Des, for getting back into it! :) I can't wait to see more pictures of little Liv at her best.

  2. cute headbands, Desi! Do you make any little boy attire :)

  3. hahaha....bibs?! I'd have to stay away from my girly colors but I think I could handle it.