Monday, February 22, 2010

there's always time to put on a tutu

I started my new job today!! It went pretty well too...I have no complaints, besides the student that told me he didnt have to listen to me, whipped a paper off his desk and took off running down the hall. Oh, and the boy that bit (yes bit) the girl in my class on the playground. Other than that the day ran smoothly :). Of course with my first day of work comes the first day of daycare for Liv. My mama's girl had a rough morning to say the least. She cried for the first 30 to 45 minutes she was there. Bonnie (my daycare provider), said she was almost ready to call me at work because Liv was so upset. I guess every time a new child came in for the day Liv just started crying all over again...the girl doesn't like change, what can I say she's a creature of habit. The habit of having her mom around 24/7. Bonnie did say that after she threw her tantrum she was way better and even had fun...and took 2 naps for her, yay Liv! She was pretty happy to see me when I got there and we came home, cuddled, played and listened to some elmo.

So, yeah I had a busy day...but I think I make my mornings easy because I get all of liv's bottles, food, diaper bag, and essentials ready the night before. Now if the little gremlin would sleep through the night my day would be perfect :).

I have some pictures of Liv from over the weekend in a tutu that her Great Grandma Doreen sent her. I've always been a little so-so about tutu's, but I may have been converted after seeing Liv in this one.

Oh, and Carolyn over at Our Family Photo Blog nominated me for the beautiful blogger award, but since I already did a post with it and I don't have 7 more interesting things about myself...I thought I would just thank her and tell you to go check out her blog because she has got the cutest daughters ever, with the cutest names (Portia and Addie).

loves this has a rattle in it and she insists on chewing on it constantly


  1. Oh I didn't realize that you just did this. Oh well! Now that I look down, I remember reading that your daughter is half Canadian. Very cool!

    Good luck with your first week of work! I am sure she will start liking daycare more. :)

  2. Awww, I love the tutu Des! :) Not to mention that you called her a little gremlin in your post haha! I love it :)

  3. Yay for work Desi!
    You already know this, but I LOVE TUTU's!!! I think that they will be next on my list of "things I am learning how to make". Anyway, Liv looks adorable and I can't wait to see you two again!!

  4. OH, my word. This child is beyond precious! GIMME!

    No, seriously, she is beautiful! I think my baby fever is raging again, thankssss.