Thursday, February 18, 2010

so many new things

This week has been full of newbies. Liv's tooth has finally cut through...I don't think I could hold her mouth open enough to take a picture because it juuuust broke the skin. I can see it, but you can definitley feel it. The teething tablets that I finally got my hands on seem to be helping too. Something else Liv has started to do is to walk in her walker. We borrowed one awhile ago but didn't think Liv was ready. A few nights ago I gave Liv a teething biscuit and she was walking backwards in it, but today she finally got it. By "got it" I mean I bribed her with a frozen peach. She was walking forward in it though! It was amazing and I caught it on camera.

I also went to look at a daycare today, because ::drumroll please::, I start working on Monday!! Full-time! Its the exact same job I had when I was pregnant. The daycare I originally wanted to put Liv in was full and had a waiting list. So today I went to look at a small daycare. My mom knows the woman that runs it and she is very nice. It was very clean and it seemed like she's laid back but also tries to do a lot of fun stuff with the kids. Right now she has a lot of younger children, like 2-3 yr old range and one 3 month old. She isn't positive that she can take Liv on and still give all the kids enough attention so its going to be on a trial basis. Hopefully it goes well and Liv behaves her little self next week. She will be going for 4 days next week and then only 2 days a week when my grandma is back in town.

Ooooh, also...Liv got a new carseat from her dad! She had reached the weight limit on her infant carseat :) I thought she'd look tiny in her big girl carseat, oh no...she fits in it perfectly. The only downfall is that the carseat stays in the car and I am driving a two-door so I have the carseat on the passenger side. I crawl through the driver's side with Liv and strap her in. I think I'll get used to it, but as of now I am usually breaking into a sweat by the time I wrestle her back there.

Trying to get her puffs

chew chew chew
trying to use her new tooth for her puffs

How could she not be able to walk with those legs :)! (and yes that is a christmas towel)

Trying out the new carseat in the livingroom

Perfect fit


  1. Oh Desi, Liv is so cute in her big girl carseat! :)

  2. Congrats on the job!
    I love Liv's cute thighs :)
    I am curious as to what is in the teething tablets?

  3. Ooh, I have more. I bought Arianna the same walker (different color) and what do you know...her feet are a good 3 inches from the ground (on the lowest setting). UGH! But anyway, Liv seems to be doing so good with her sippy! I can't believe she is holding on to the ones without the cut little handles already! That's good though, cause those ones are a lot are a lot more expensive :)