Friday, January 6, 2012

my pretty girl(s)

It's been so nice here this week. Two days ago it was around 60 degrees here. I posted about the nice weather already, but it gives me a chance to get Liv outside and practice my limited photography skills. It helps that my subject is so cute and I don't have to have the perfect picture to make her look perfect.
taking lily for a walk...umm notice the infinity scarf, on a 2 year old! I's so cute :). (my mom made it!)



my wild girl

this is a rare moment that I'm thankful I caught


  1. Good photos Des! Liv and lily look adorable as usual:)

  2. Oh my gosh that scarf is adorable on her! She's going to be one fierce fashionista :) The pics of her hugging the dog are cute as well.

  3. Liv looks so grown up. Love these pics, she looks so sweet with your dog. Happy New Year!

  4. She is adorable Desi! LOVE the scarf!

  5. Those last few pictures of Liv and Lilly just kill me! Soooo cute! I can't believe they aren't best friends :) So happy for you finally getting your work permit!!!! Good luck with the job hunt!