Tuesday, June 1, 2010

10 Months

I would love to know why I have a toddler WALKING around?! I thought I was supposed to have another two months before I had one of those. Liv has decided to jump two spaces and pass go and is officially walking now. She has been "walking" for about a month, but gone are the days of her walking from piece of furniture to piece of furniture. She walks everywhere. The only thing holding her back is the fact that she hasn't figured out she can stand up without the help of anything. So if she falls she has to crawl to something to pull herself back up, whether it be the sliding glass door, garbage can, or your leg. She just wants back up so she can go again! Its unreal.

That is the hugest milestone she has reached. She babbles a lot...oh and screams. Usually its because she wants something or because I'm yelling at Lily or because she wants you to let her do something she's not supposed to be doing. She is getting such a personality. Its like she just discovered her tongue...I feel like other babies figure it out earlier, but now when she talks its all jumbled with her tongue and she likes making new sounds that sound silly. If you talk back in the same manner she thinks its hilarious.

Liv is still a really good eater. Its mostly finger foods at home and she's tried feeding herself with a spoon a few times but its usually right before a bath and she is just playing around. She likes to throw her spoon and sippy cup on the floor. Poor lily has had a few brushes with death as Liv's sippy cup full of juice or ice water comes flying at her.

Liv has been doing things thing where she scrunches up her face and breaths in and out really fast. Its like a laugh? A really evil and mischievous laugh. But that's what I mean about the personality...she's dripping with it.

She is wearing pretty much 12-18 mo. or 18-24 mo. clothes. I'm serious when I say I have a toddler. She is the size of a one year old and has been for awhile. Her hair is getting thicker, which I love because all of her bows and clippies stay in so much better!

She is a major mama's girl. Like if I even so much as walk into the other room (keep in mind our living room and kitchen are completely open, so she can still see me) she flips out. Cries and comes walking after me. It can be a little overwhelming sometimes but I'm hoping its a short phase and will pass. Its been going on for quite awhile now though.

She now has 3 bottom teeth, one top tooth and two more on their way. I don't even want to talk about sleep because its s inconsistent lately. I'm blaming it on teething, but who knows...sometimes I feel like she's so attached to me that she just wants to wake up at night to make sure I'm still there :). However, last night she slept from about 9 until 5am and then took a bottle and slept til 7. Ummm, I actually felt like a normal human being today. I talked to Pat and he said "I think your mood is directly correlated to how much sleep you got the night before"...and I responded "YOU THINK?! wouldn't yours be???". Yes I am majorly moody when I'm lacking in sleep. I probably drive him nuts, but that's how I cope I guess.

Unfortunately I'm not going to take any pictures until I get my camera back. So those will come later and in a different post. I just really can't believe my baby is 10 months old. Its nuts that she will be a year old in two short months.


  1. Aww she's so advanced walking so early :) What a cutie can't wait to see pics!

  2. Wow! What an early walker!

    About the sleep thing - it's so hard. I can't get my husband to understand what a difference it makes when I get a solid night of sleep. Let's see how he would feel having slept 8 hours in a row only TWICE in the past year...

  3. What a big girl she is. That's so great that she's walking. You won the pillowcase dress over at my blog so just send me your e-mail so I can put you in touch with the designer.