Thursday, June 24, 2010


Our little family has actually been getting some sleep! Its amazing. I feel like a normal person when I sleep for 8hrs a night. Liv has been sleeping for 12+ hrs a night. This is unusual for her. I remember asking when she would sleep in until 7:30 or 8 so that I could possibly wake up before her. Well....apparently she's decided that Calgary is the place where we sleep in. She may be going through a growth spurt and needing the extra sleep, but I'm going to keep my hopes high that she is now a 12 plus sleeper. She is also still taking two naps a day. Sometimes one is short, but usually one of them is at least two hours long. What can I say?..the girl likes her sleep. I'm not complaining thats for sure.

We are finally unpacked and starting to settle. It still feels like I'm on vacation, but I'm thinking I will snap out of it at some point. Maybe once we move for good and I'm looking for a job. When I'm not working my days seem to blend together. However, its nice to be able to focus on Liv and Pat right now too. Pat's days are pretty relaxed at the moment. He is working on his thesis and working from home for his internship. He has to go into the office once or twice a week. Life is good right now :).


  1. Her little outfits are to die for. I love the new look of the blog too.

    Super jealous of the 12+ hours at night. I might have to stop myself from writing you a horrible comment tonight when I pry myself out of bed for the 3rd time. :)

  2. hahahah...I am sure I'll be paying for writing on my blog the 12+ thing :)

  3. Her little legs are so cute! She's such a photogenic baby :)

  4. oh my WORD liv's thighs are the BEST THINGS EVERRRR!!! love that chubkin! such a beautiful little dolly. and congrats to you all on the extended sleeping! poppy is also a 12+ nighter and also loves at least one 2 hour nap per day. (;

    seriously can't get over how incredibly gorgeous your girl is. her smile melts my heart. LOVE HER!!