Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

I promise I'll be better about updating. Its been a busy couple of days though. There are a lot of people here that had never met Liv and haven't seen Pat in a year, so we've been keeping ourselves busy.

Yesterday was a great Father's Day. I'm so glad that Pat was able to experience his first Father's Day with Liv. She loves he dad and is happy he's home. To celebrate the day, we went to Pat's Aunt Donna's house and then to his Mom's (Carolyn). Both have nice backyards where Liv could cruise around til her heart was content. She also had a little pool time at Carolyn's, but of course I didn't have my camera. We ate good food all day and it was nice to see everyone again. The last time they saw me I had an inside baby.

Liv has been adjusting pretty well. She didn't sleep well last week when we first arrived. I felt bad though, so I was putting her in my bed. I knew it wouldn't last long, but I thought she needed it in her new little world she's living in. She has been fighting sleep like a champ. Its been a struggle and two days ago I finally couldnt take it any longer. It was nap time and I had been trying to get her down for too long...even after giving up a few times and thinking "well maybe she's not tired". So, nobody was home, just me and her, so I tried again and was matter how much screaming it took...I would get her to nap. She worked herself up so much and was screaming so loud that I couldn't handle it any longer. I ended up putting her in her crib and wouldn't you know it, she fell asleep! Last night I did the same thing. She wasn't upset when I put her in her crib though. I had been trying to put her to bed for a good half hour though. Its not something I've done before, but I'm not going to physically restrain her so she'll let me rock her to sleep. She went to sleep between 7:30 and 8 last night and is still sleeping! I had Pat just go check on her because I couldn't believe it.

We are making a much needed trip to Ikea today for a dresser and a few other necessities. I unpacked all of Liv's stuff and most of mine, but we need a little storage for it to be complete. I think Liv loves having her own bedroom (I know I love it). She is always going in there and getting things out. I want some sort of storage shelves that have containers that can be pulled out. I think she would love going in there and getting her toys out. She is into taking things out and putting them back into things.

Also, the Stampede is going to start in a few weeks. The Stampede is HUGE here. Its a few weeks long and there is a rodeo that goes on with carnival type stuff. There are beer gardens everywhere and in the middle there is Nashville North. There is always live music going on and two stepping of course. The city seriously goes into Stampede mode. There is a ton of stuff to do. In the community we are in, they just threw a Stampede breakfast. These are put on by different communities or businesses all over the city. My understanding is that they are put on around and during the time if the Stampede. Anyways, we brought Liv here and she was all about it. She didn't really eat any breakfast but she loved seeing all the kids. I like to call her my little creep, because she gets right into their faces and likes to touch them! Its like she has never seen kids before?? She was also in love with this man dressed as a horse (I have pictures). She was seriously stalking him and she is so small that we had to watch her because he was gonna trip over her. She would not leave him alone. We've had a lot of fun so far.

father's day kisses

first father's day


hey maaa, look at my fooooooot!

stampede breakfast - first balloon animal (a doggy of course)

the horse she was OBSESSED with

saying hello

watching the horses

grandma carolyn and liv, kid watching

just up after a nap....relaxing with her dad after a long morning :)


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  2. Awww that last picture of your daughter looking at her dad is so precious! I hope you all had can amazing Father's Day and an relax into a new family routine now that he is back :)

    (I had a typo in the last one haha)

  3. I'm such a sucker for a daddy and baby picture. Very cute, Liv & Pat!!


  4. LOVE all of your pictures Des! Liv is getting so big & I am sure Pat is thrilled to be back home! :) I am glad you guys are finally all back together under the same roof, it has been a long year I bet! On a side note, I love your new layout & header.. do you make your page layouts yourself? Hope you're enjoying Calgary!

  5. Hey Jody! Thanks...I'm having issues fitting the header. I was previously downloading my layouts from shabby blogs, but I just used a blogger layout and had dani fix up a picture for me as my header. Dani has done all my other headers too...she's pretty good like that :).