Saturday, January 2, 2010

Five Months

I took Liv's five month pictures a few days ago when I had her in a new outfit...I didn't think she'd grow in 2 days ;). We are behind in our well baby visits and I still don't have her 4 month stats yet. She has her 4 month appointment on January 12th...the day after we get back home. I'm pretty positive she'll still be up there in both her weight and height categories, but I will post that information when I have it. Liv is currently napping at the same time Pat is having his "pre-game" nap. She becomes quite the cranky kid if she doesn't get a nap. That has stayed pretty much the same. I keep waiting for the day when she'll nap less, but it hasn't happened. I was asking my mom today if it's normal for a five month old to need a nap every 2 or 3 hours. Even if its a short one...its like she needs a little break.

I'm still feeding her food. I didn't make any food here, because Pat says I never do the easy thing, so I'm proving him wrong :). I have mashed up some bananas for her and she's been eating apples and pears mixed with rice cereal. I can confidently say now that she is understanding that she needs to open her mouth to get a good bite. However, its getting harder to feed her because she is so easily distracted. I will need to take a picture, but when I have her in the bumbo seat she turns around and reaches for anything and everything that is near her. She really needs a highchair, but I'm refusing to buy one until we settle in somewhere and I don't have to pack it up and travel with it.

Not much has changed in the sitting up or rolling over department. She can sit up but is not anywhere near sturdy and she still does not want to roll over. She has been moving at night and during naps to sleep on her side, but I guess I haven't enticed her enough to want to roll anywhere. I owe everyone a video and when I get home I'll be able to make a few to post. We have one more week here and I feel like its going to fly by. Pat is super busy this last week with two exams and two games so we are going to have to squeeze in as much time together as we can. Half way through right? Ok, here's the little monster.

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