Saturday, October 23, 2010

cool tricks cool tricks!

I have to share a few things that Liv did yesterday. First of all, she slept until 9am. I was so well rested and we both felt fabulous...however, the little stinker didn't take one nap. I tried and I'm persistent, she did go in her crib twice for about an I like to think she at least "rested". She started getting impatient though and I could hear her yelling "MAMAAAA! MAMAAAA!". Now, I have been waiting for her to direct the word mama to me for awhile and I've now received what I asked for. She loves to use the word mama to me, mostly for when she's annoyed and wants something RIGHT now. For example: every morning she gets a sippy cup with half water/half juice. Well, mama ran out of juice yesterday, so I filled her sippy with water. Liv is no fool and she wasn't going to stand for it. She started handing me that sippy back and crying and protesting this disgrace. Uncle Ryan quickly told me there was some juice in the freezer so I started whipping some up as fast as I could. Liv was pulling on my leg, crying, and saying mama mama mama until I finished. Geesh kiddo.

Later, we had some friends come over to visit. Liv has a book full of nursery rhymes (humpty dumpty, hickory dickory dock, 5 little monkeys, etc...). She also has a storybook with only the 5 little monkeys rhyme. Kira was reading her the nursery rhyme book and came to the 5 little monkeys rhyme. She got a few monkeys in until Liv wanted down. I figured she was just being her busy self, but then she surprised me and came back into the kitchen with her 5 little monkeys book. It just astonishes me sometimes how she gets things. She knew that was the same story. So much fun.

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