Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bottles up

I attempted to take one of Liv's bottles away two days ago. She usually gets one before her nap and then one at bedtime. I was trying to take the naptime "bubba" away...trying is the key word here.

She went down for her first nap with a little cry, but not so bad. I was encouraged by it. Then somewhere between the short nap and bubba free day, my little gremlin completely lost her mind. She has this riding train toy. It is currently sitting next to a side table in the livingroom. She was repeatedly stepping on the train and trying to climb on the table. So every time, I would take her down and carefully place her on the ground because she was throwing herself backwards and I was afraid she'd hurt herself. Each time I pulled her down, her tantrum got worse, until I watched her tantrum turn from her rolling around on the floor and kicking her legs, into her lurching herself forward and wacking her forehead on the coffee table. It was at this point that I gave in and gave her a bubba to calm her down.

Yesterday I decided that she wasn't ready....or better yet, I wasn't ready. Is it really supposed to be that hard??? Maybe every baby is different, but I can't imagine having taken away her bubba at 12 months. So, the last couple of days have been a bit challenging for me to say the least. I really thought I was a patient person. I'm not so sure anymore ha.

I'll leave you with soome pictures from the past week....
 at fish creek park

 running away from mom and towards the water

 throwing a tantrum...see, there's the proof.

 Liv's cousin, Jasper :)
"mommmm you've got to be kidding with this sippy cup"


  1. I am sorry she turned into a little gremlin about her bottle! I know some people say that it is easy to take the bottle away and I know from my mom's stories that when she tried to take my sister's away from her when she was little, it took like 6 months of tantrums for it to stop... hopefully Liv goes easy on you :-/

    On a happier not, I LOVE the headband on Liv's head in those pictures, such a stylish little girl :)

  2. Her hair is getting so long! And I'm really looking forward to a video of her beiber fever!

  3. I just read down through your blog posts. I love the "forgotten photoshoot" You are gorgeous. So is Liv. Love all the pics!

  4. Hang in there, Momma. I am so not looking forward to doing the same thing come January.

  5. Oh god, I hope it is easier when I try again. I might wait a few monts haha.

    Dani - video is coming :)
    Care - Thanks! I'm not sure if its me or Dani's photoshopping (thank god)
    nell - god help you haha

  6. We just took away bottles AND the paci a few weeks ago. I did both at the same time and just went cold turkey. I washed and packed them all up so that we don't cave and give her one. I waited until she was 13 months and taking whole milk well. Then I found a sippy cup she would take milk from and stocked up on them. Then said bye-bye to bottles! It was a rough couple of days (more from getting rid of the paci though) but now she is back to sleeping through the night and can settle herself down without either (or us). I know it's tough, but she WILL get through it! Good luck next time!

  7. Good luck! We are down to 1 bottle at bedtime, been trying to get rid of that one, but with her being sick for the past MONTH, it isn't working in our favor. LOVE the last picture of her!

  8. Hey there! I'm following your blog!
    Can you do the same for me?
    Thanks so much! :)