Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm outnumbered

By Canadians!!! The exclamation points are because Liv just got her Citizenship card in the mail! WOOO. This is a great day, because now, even though her mother is an alien...Liv is legally Canadian and can get her Alberta health card :) Its a good day night in the Bateman household.

She is like 7 months old in the picture. She looks like a little baby with a hugeee widows peak. I forgot all about the widows peak she used to sport before she had mile long bangs.


  1. I'm out-numbered by Scots here :) Blondie Boy has had two passports and dual citizenship for a while now. It's hilarious because he is something like 8 weeks in the photo!

  2. hahaha it cracks me up! I didn't get my passport until I was in my twenties!

  3. Ohhh! Congrats to Liv! I just got Lilah's passport and there is just something so funny about seeing your baby on such an official document!!