Monday, October 4, 2010

love and marriage

I am really disappointed. I should really get over it because its going to be like this for awhile. Pat's job is unpredictable. First thing this morning he told me he would have to head back in a few hours. Next thing you know he was told that they hadn't moved the rig yet so he was staying. We did a little celebratory dance and he headed out to the shop to get some tools to bring with him the next day. I stayed home, put liv for a nap and got ready. I did my hair, because hey my husband was home and I was trying to look pretty. He walked in the door a few hours later with the guy he'd drove with and told me there was a change of plans and he had to leave, right then. Is it really a big deal? no. He should be back next weekend for Thanksgiving (canadian). I don't know why, but I was upset. I've went a whole year with him in Northern Ireland and now he's a measly 5 hours away, whats my problem? I need to suck it up. I will, but today I'm going to feel sorry for myself.

After Pat left, I took Liv for a walk to get lily some dog food and we took a little pit stop at a park on the way back. I thought it was a perfect thing to cheer us up. Its clearly fall in these pictures, but its been really warm. Its very misleading with all the fall colors.


  1. Cute pictures of Liv.. and you are allowed to feel bad for yourself! I'm sorry Pat had to leave so quickly this morning, that has to be tough.. atleast when he was in N. Ireland you knew when you would see him and not. Hopefully some sort of routine happens soon. On a positive note you get to have Thanksgiving dinner in a WEEK!! Ugh, I have to wait a month, this is no fair, I could go for some turkey, stuffing & sweet potato ;)

  2. Thanks Jody. I am looking forward to thanksgiving dinner though, mainly leftover turkey sandwiches mmmm.

  3. Hi!

    Read your about us page. I know full well what you must be going threw with immigration and all. I am a Canadian but living in the USA with my hubby and baby girl. It is just ridiculous all the things you need to do in order to move across a man made border. The money you have to put out too is insane. It is all worth it though lol. :) Hope thing go well!!


  4. Desi,
    You have every right to be disappointed. I hope he returns for a visit soon. Sorry we weren't in CA to tour the WEM with you. Congrats on becoming the newest member of the 2 Thanksgivings club. It's great!


  5. I hate when my Husband is away. Your little sweety is so cute. I also have to tie and clip my daughters hair up too. DOes your daughter pull them out like mine?

  6. nell - I knowww, that would have been great, but I'm almost positive we will be able to meet up when you and Kevin return! I'm looking forward to it :).

    Katy - Thank you! Liv pulls her bows out, so I have been putting the elastics in her hair and then put a bow in front of it because then if she pulls it out her hair isn't all disheveled haha.