Thursday, October 21, 2010

pretty pretty princess

My mom sent me a package yesterday with a bunch of stuff, including Liv's snow white costume from last year. She thought Liv would like to play dress-up with it, and boy was she right. Our main struggle every day is to get Liv's diaper changed and get her dressed but the tune changed when we were putting on a princess dress. She couldn't have been more patient. Let me remind you with a photo...Liv was 2 months old when she last wore this costume!

I remember that all Liv wanted to do was eat the glitter off of the dress back then. Now, all she wants to do is dance to some Justin Beiber and do some twirls :).

crazy, isnt it?


  1. I love these pictures! Liv is so cute & I love how the costume comes up past her little diaper haha. Are you dressing her up for Halloween this year?

  2. Thank you. Yeah I am dressing her up as Elmo :). Nothing girly, but she lovesss elmo. I am making it and almost finished. I think i'm more excited than her though haha...