Sunday, July 4, 2010

11 months

Happy 4th of July everyone! Liv is going to be sporting her American flag bikini and outfit later today :). We don't have any plans for the day...maybe a trip to the park is in order. But back to the reason for this post, my baby is 11 months old! I'm really loving this age. Liv is so much fun. Her personality develops more and more every day. She is still a wild woman and I don't think that is ever going to change. She keeps us on our toes constantly. She doesn't have another Doctor's appointment until August so I have no stats on her but here are some things she's doing right now.

-Walking, pretty much running. This whole running thing is a new development as of recently and I have to say it scares the crap out of me and if you can picture a laughing a squealing trainwreck coming at you at speeds that her little legs can't handle, thats what Liv looks like running.

-Liv talks constant blabber. Words that she uses are "mama", "dada", "up", "ooo ooo" (woof woof), and her new favorite is "ah ah" which is the sound carolyn makes when Liv is going towards something she shouldn't. Liv has started repeating it and even saying it as she walks towards the forbidden thing. Its pretty sassy. She has a book that is called Puppies and has a button and when you press it, it barks. Its her new favorite. She brings it around person to person to get everyone to read it and press the button for her. When she hears the barking she says "ooo ooo".

-lovessss Elmo and Yo Gabba Gabba. She is currently walking around with Uncle Ryan's phone which is playing her favorite Elmo clips from youtube. If you go to youtube and type in "elmo duck song" or "elmo's song", it will direct you to Liv's favorite Elmo clips ever. If she hears the beginning of either, she starts clapping and bouncing around.

-even though its hard for me to do, I've been letting Liv feed herself a lot. Its really messy and is against every anal thought that goes through my mind...she has to learn sometime. Pat or I usually sit by her with a separate spoon or fork to make sure she gets some quality bites. Her favorite food of all time is pasta. Any kind of pasta or version of sauce...I know she'll gobble it up. If her dad is eating Kraft Dinner (which for us Americans is plain old mac 'n chz...but ask any Canadian...they think Kraft Dinner is way better) Liv will literally stalk him and make him give her bites. I started giving her grapes this week and also peanut butter. Both she loved. I was a little scared to do both but I cut the grapes in halves and then in quarters so that helps my anxiety. I try to feed her whatever we are eating but sometimes I make a special something for her. I worry whether I'm feeding her enough balanced meals and enough fruits and veggies. I try for a fruit or veggie, sometimes both, at every meal.

-Liv is drinking 1/2 formula and 1/2 whole milk in her bottles. She hasn't even flinched. I thought it might be a little of a problem. I think she is more attached to her actual "bubba" than to the formula.

Pat, Liv, me, Ryan, Leslie, and Aunt Donna took Liv to the zoo yesterday. Liv loved it. We arrived at 9:30am, which turned out to be perfect because it wasn't that busy and we were thankful because when we were leaving it was jam packed in there. I wouldn't say Liv had a favorite animal. She was pretty amazed by them all. We passed her around because she couldn't see much sitting in her stroller. She was exhausted by the end. She passed out the minute she was placed in her carseat.

I will do another post soon with pictures of Liv in her 4th of July get-up:)

way more interested in the elephants

Auntie Leslie and Liv

too cool for school....these didn't stay on long

kangaroo pouch

uncle ryan and liv

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