Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I went to Stage West this morning. Stage West is a lunch/dinner theatre. Pat's grandma, Doreen, has brought me two other times. There is always good food and while the two other shows I saw weren't the best acting around, they were enjoyable. Not today was pure torture. The show was titled Two Pianos, Four Hands. Thats all it was, two guys and two pianos. The whole time on stage. For two plus hours of two guys playing classical music. It was terrible. I was feeling pretty guilty when I got home because I'd been gone for hours and had left Liv for the worst afternoon of entertainment imaginable. So, we went to the park. We had been there before, its the one without any little kid friendly equipment. Last time it wasn't so successful because we tried going on all the equipment, but this time I brought Liv's little basketball and we just roamed around and I let Liv lead the way. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and so did I. We are heading down to the Stampede grounds tomorrow! I can't wait. We'll have a lot of fun exploring and maybe going on some rides and eating some yummy food :).

onto the enormous amount of pictures that I took to make up for my slacking. Oh!! And Pat said his phone interview went really well today and he got another interview for tomorrow (different company though)! wooo!

playing with rocks is fun

so much fun she had to get a little closer

she likes to make a shocked "huh!" sound...and this is one of those times

sharing with mama

pretty girl

"here mom, throw it again" I was throwing the ball and then we both ran after it :)

Here she comes

kisses for mama

this pictures cracks me up. maybe its the nike outfit. maybe its the look of determination on her face. but it looks like my little athlete is about to slam dunk that mini basketball ha.



  2. HAHA. Love the last picture. Total slam dunk determination! Glad you are still able to make it for the wedding. See you in a few weeks:) Oh, and I will say it again, LOVE THE HEADBAND!

  3. glad you like it Krysta! Its been there since I last visited MQT. I forgot to tell you that I left it at Dani's.

  4. That entertainment even sounded awful. I'm sorry that you had to leave your baby so you could be bored to tears, but it looks like you both made up for it!