Tuesday, July 20, 2010

roars, ears, and advice


Lions and Tigers and T-rex's....oh my! We took our trip to the Royal Tyrell Museum yesterday. It was a two hour trip both ways to get there, with the way up going smoothly and Liv napping and the way home being hell because Liv fought sleep and wanted to get down so bad. Not that relaxing and I don't think it will be my preference of travel in the future. The museum was awesome and I think I would have enjoyed it more without Liv! It wasn't all that was expected for the following reasons:

1. It was packed! You never would have known it was a Monday...everyone and their stroller was there and it was miserable trying to get around anywhere.

2. Liv had no interest in dinosaurs whatsoever. What did I expect really? She ran around as usual, but I probably didn't need to travel 2 hours to obtain that outcome.

3. The drive back home sucked...like I said, Liv was cranky, overtired and needed a nap. She took it out on me.

When Liv is older we'll have to give it another whirl. Liv did fall asleep with about 20 minutes left of our trip, so we decided afternoon nap was being skipped. Instead, we fed her dinner and let her play for an hour or so. After dinner Pat went to go get her some jammies, and don't ask me why, but every time Pat is in charge of picking out the jammies he comes back with the pair that has a hood and ears on it. He gets a huge kick out of it...so not only does he put Liv in these jammies, but he puts the hood up and insists that I take pictures. I did, but only to humor him ;).

Trying to keep Liv out of things....she would have liked to climb on the dino's

Liv has her eyes on something more interesting

like this

and this

I thought this was neat...I was taking a picture of the aquarium and I caught Pat and Liv's reflection in the glass. haha, it may not be that cool, but I'm obviously easily impressed.

evidence...2 things to note here, #1 look at those molars! She has the top two like that also! #2 her peek-a-boo with the door. She thinks she's so clever...until I hear her crying and find that she's shut herself in and can't get out baha

ears :)

Ok, now for advice. I saved this for the end because It has nothing to do with Liv, the museum or jammies with ears on them. I have been giving serious consideration to cutting my hair. I'm thinking long bob with long layers. I need something easier than what I have. So, I'm leaving you with a few inspirational photos and please tell me what you think, pretend the bangs aren't present....no bangs for people with 2 cowlicks.


  1. 2nd photo..you can always go shorter. Hope all is well in AB.

  2. Agreed! You'll look great! :)
    -Rachel R.

  3. I am for sure gonna do it! You're right Nell. I can always go shorter.