Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Is that your kid?"

Funny story. Liv and I walk to Don Bosco, which is an elementary school thats very close to where we live, often. I've mentioned our love of going here before. Yesterday we headed over there before dinner. I always tote my camera and Liv's mini basketball with us. As we are walking up I notice that there are a lot of kids there, mostly teenagers, no parents...but hey its Friday so I just figure this is the hangout. They were by the equipment so I just avoided that area because we just needed to run off some steam. So, anyways, I unsuccessfully try to get Liv to run after her ball and simultaneously snap pictures of her doing so. I look up and there are these two boys walking towards me. I'm guessing they are probably 16, around that age anyways.

Boys: "Is that your kid?"
Me: "yep"
Boys: "whats her name?"
Me: "Olivia"
Boys: "ohhhh cool cool, so where do you live?"

at this point, I'm thinking WHAT the hell are these two boys talking to me for??? Are they trying to steal my baby? haha, yes I thought that and especially when they asked me where I lived. Seriously??! Like I'm going to tell them where I live. I smoothly responded with the name of our neighborhood because there was no effing way I was telling them where we were headed.

I could keep going with how the conversation went down, but it was painful and awkward. They just wouldn't get the hint that I didn't want to chat it up with them and Liv wouldn't even get out of my arms while they were around. So as they kept talking my ear off I politely excused myself and rattled off some excuse about having to make it home for dinner. As I'm walking away, I hear their friends ask them if they have a date.... sorry boys.

I still didn't trust them and seriously considered walking a different way home to throw them off. The funny thing is, it never occured to throw down the "my husband" card. That trumps it all, but by the time I thought of that brilliant response, it was too late.

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  1. yikes! i'd be totally sketched out. well done listening to your instincts, mama!