Friday, July 23, 2010

Mr. and Mrs.

When I worked as a paraprofessional in first grade last year, the kids would always call me Mrs. Desi. I would say to them "Johnny (fake name obv.), can you tell me why I'm a Miss and not a Mrs.?". They would stand there and stare at me like uhhhh you're old and therefore we call you Mrs.. So I would tell them "a Mrs. is married and I'm not married and thats why I'm Miss Desi", However.....

Pat and I got married yesterday, July 22, 2010. We always knew this was a possibility for us this summer. We have been dating for 6 years and have talked a lot about getting married. We both have expectations for a wedding and reception that we haven't exactly met yet, but we will. We love eachother and for our family to live together and start our lives we decided to get married. We didn't make a big production, it was very small and intimate, but special. We went to Pat's grandma's house and had some close family present. Everyone said it was the best wedding they've ever been to! We celebrated with a big dinner, a few drinks, an ice cream cake from marble slab and cupcakes from crave, mmmm.

We are planning on having another ceremony and reception in my hometown. Most likely within the year. We will make a big production out of that and make sure its is everything that we had ever planned on. It is very weird to think of myself as a married woman right now and that I am now a Mrs., more specifically Mrs. Bateman!

liv's little bouquet :)

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Bateman

Leslie bought me the pretty bouquet

tired out from everything

you can see the rest of the photos from our day here


  1. OMG Desi!! Congratulations!! I always knew you and Pat would end up married someday... even long before Liv came into your lives. I am so happy for you both :) Best of luck to you Mrs. Bateman!

  2. Congratulations to you and your little family! So happy for you.
    nell, kevin and henrik

  3. That is so exciting! Congratulations :) You looked gorgeous by the way! Especially loved your hair and dress!!!

  4. Congrats! You look beautiful in those pictures :)