Tuesday, July 13, 2010

change of plans

I have no excuse for not blogging. I am just being a slacker and I haven't been taking a lot of pictures so that may have something to do with it. I feel like we haven't been doing much...its not really the case though. Friday night (the first night of the stampede), Leslie and I headed over to Ranchman's. It was girl's night out and I had an absolute blast. It was packed when we arrived promptly at 4pm. I'm almost positive half the bar had been there since 12. There was an awesome band, cowboys hats and boots all around, and all the bud lights I could drink. Oh and did I drink my fair share. I arrived home around 11:30pm. I felt like I'd partied til all hours or the night, but in perspective it had been quite a long time. I have to say though, I was out of bed before Pat on Saturday morning. We had a dinner party Saturday night, but I was pretty much a party pooper and was in bed pretty early. Apparently, at 25, I'm not really the party animal I used to be. Liv on the other hand, was a complete party animal and dancing machine all night. Her love of Elmo has been taken to a whole other, slightly obsessive, level. If she she's a phone of a laptop, she is whining for someone to put youtube on so she can see some of her bff. BUT, Saturday at 10:30am Liv will be at Elmo and Friends LIVE!!!! I'm unforunately not attending (I might sleep in ha), but Pat is going and my mission is to send him with my camera because seriously I need pictures of her little face when she sees Elmo standing in front of her. She is going to go crazy.

Saturday night is the Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert concert. I bought Pat and I tickets for his birthday. We haven't been to the Stampede grounds yet and since we get free admission with our concert tickets, we are going there after! I am excited to listen to some country music and mix in a little two-stepping. I may or may not have been practicing with a cowboy at Ranchman's :).

As for a change of plans...Carolyn, Doreen, and most likely Pat are not joining me in Marquette for the month of August. I am still going though. I will be spending most of my time in the Soo and will visit Marquette to see some friends and attend Krysta's wedding. The condo we were supposed to stay at is no longer available and Pat and I decided it would be better that he stayed back and kept job hunting. I'd lie if I said I wasn't dissapointed, but thats life and I'm happy to still be seeing my family and friends. Pat has a job interview tomorrow so everybody cross their fingers!

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