Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th

It was pretty weird spending the 4th of July up here in Canada. No day at the cabin, cook out, or fireworks. I made sure that when we headed to cousin Keaton's birthday party, that Liv was dressed in her red, white, and blue. A little story - There were balloons there and kids were filling them up with water, so Pat blew one up for Liv. Well she accidentally popped it and was a little scared but no harm done, Pat went and blew her up another one. Well, at first Liv would have NOTHING to do with this balloon! She kept turning around and walking over to her mom to protect her from it. It was pretty funny and I have a whole series of pictures to document it :).

right after the first balloon you can see, daddy thought it was much more funny than livi

"still not funny daddy..."

after pat blew up a second balloon. Liv wouldn't go near it so Pat gave it a little nudge....


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  1. LOL at her little face when the balloon went away! How simple life is for them. It looks like you had fun - jealous! Sam had to work so we watched fireworks when he got home but didn't go anywhere.