Thursday, March 31, 2011

a little park time

Liv and I ventured out to the park yesterday. Not because its spring-like here, but the sun was out so that motivated me.

We left the park soaking wet, but burned off some energy.

I also couldn't pry the stickies out of Liv's hands so she played with stickers all over her. Can we say obsessed?

When we were there, two little girls had Liv following them everywhere. I said hi to their mom and helped Liv climb around with the girls.

After the park I drove through the Tim Horton's drive through and got us some lunch and Liv a smoothie. When we were driving back home I saw the little family from the park and came to the realization that we see them walk by the house multiple times a day. Its spring break and I never put two and two together. Such a weird coincidence.

a girl and her stickies.

watching in amazement.

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