Wednesday, March 2, 2011

19 months

I was doing a little counting....

5 months until Liv turns 2! Thats craziness. I feel like when Liv turns 2 there is no more baby :(. Looks like I'll just need to have another baby to compensate (don't tell Pat I said that).

This is my story about Liv's "growth". Pat, Liv, and I went to the mall yesterday. It was a newer mall and one that we've never been to. Side note: this mall had awesome car carts to rent for $5, they had a little screen that played invention ever. Anyways, after cruising around in our awesome car and doing a little shopping for an exact replica of a shirt Pat already has because it had an unfortunate incident with our dryer, we came upon the play area. It was nice and had a slide that all of the kiddies were swarming around. There were two other moms in there with me and their toddlers were playing on the slide too. One of the mom's asked us how old our kids were. Here little girl was 20 months and the little boy was almost 2. Liv towered over them. She looked like she was at least a year older then both of them. So that tells you how she's a weed.

Liv's current obsessions include: Playing with her kitchen and fabric food. Playing with her babies. Reading books. Coloring and not letting me color with her. Putting stickers on everything. Singing the happy song, whatever that is...I think its her interpretation of "if you're happy and you know it", however her lyrics include "happy happy happy...." and sometimes "happy babyy happy baby".

Liv just finished her 'moovin' and groovin' class. Her grandma carolyn takes her and told me Liv was really shy at first but started to warm up around the last week. She made friends with Mia's mom.Who is Mia's mom? I have no idea...but apparently Liv loved her.

They just started a new class 'sport ball' and its more sports oriented obviously...anyways Liv has decided that being shy is for the birds and was her normal crazy self. Another funny thing about her class: There is a little girl named Lily, like my chihuahua, and Liv apparently found that hilarious and kept saying "lala??? hahahahah". Pretty funny.

Thats what is new in Liv's life and here are some pictures...which are not easy to get. In fact she hates seeing my camera lately.
silly girl.

ignoring mom.

...and trying to escape.


  1. LOVE how adorable Liv is in those jeans. Way too cute!!!! & even when she turns 2 - she will still be your baby :)

  2. I LOVE her little vintage jacket:)

  3. Sam was at Gymboree the other day, and this 16 month old girl was already almost 4!! feet tall. Her dad is 7ft, her mom 6'5".

    So take heart. :)

    She's so super cute.