Wednesday, March 30, 2011

most popular

The two most popular words in our house right now are...




In english those translate to color and stickers. There are stickers EVERYWHERE. Pat went to work yesterday with a huge sesame street sticker stuck to his suit pants and it was brought to his attention from a coworker who giggled and teased that it was how he lured in little kiddies. Liv just got a big book of princess stickers from her grandma carolyn so I joked that he would be going to work with princesses stuck to his leg next. I bet Pat never envisioned that for himself :).

As we speak I am having a conversation with Liv that consists of:
"Liv get down from there"

"no, noooooo"

"ok, well then we are going to go to bed"


le sigh. This little 30lb gremlin is running my show. Naptime is definitley approaching faster than Liv realizes.


  1. hahaha...stickiessss...i love it!! 12 days by the way :) Love ya, Tara

  2. That's so cute and yet I feel your pain girl! Aren't they just like little cupcakes baked by the devil?