Monday, March 14, 2011

My Mom

My mom had her 48th birthday yesterday, which has me thinking a lot about my family. I miss them a lot. I never imagined being so far away from them, especially with Liv. My parents are completely in love with Liv. I have to give my mom credit, because I knew nothing about raising a baby. She taught me everything I know. Having her was better than any baby book I could have read. Motherhood is very instictive, but it doesn't hurt to have a fabulous mother that loves your baby as much as you do to be able to teach you everything she knows.

Liv was an easy and happy baby, but who knows if she would have been that way without the help from my mom. I may not tell her as much as I should how thankful I am for that, but I am very very grateful. Its nice to have someone to call and talk about the little things Liv does all day that most people might not find that interesting. She is just as excited as I am about all of Liv's little milestones. With that said, I'd like to post a few tidbits about my mom that I love.

- She tells it how it is. I am slowly but surely acting more and more like my mom these days, but there's something to say about someone who is completely a tasteful way of course.

-She's a hard worker. She has spent her life (part of it as a single mom to twins), getting an education and making a life for her children.

-She was very involved in her children's lives. I strive to be the mom she was and to let Liv know the complete interest I have in her life and what she is doing. She was always very supportive and I'm sure my brother and sister would agree.

-She LOVES Halloween. She has made our costumes since forever. Not that there is anything wrong with having a store bought costume, but its a nice memory to have, all the homemade costumes my mom would come up with.

-She's a good friend. She is one of my best friends. She still holds the right to be my mom at any point, but I like how our relationship has developed to a friendship also.

-She's beautiful. She would be dissapointed if I didn't add this, ha! She is though :). She also, regularly tells me how she thinks Liv looks like her. Even though I don't usually agree, I wouldn't be dissapointed in that.

Thats just a few things that I love about my mom. So, Happy Birthday (yesterday) Mom. Love you!

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  1. Great post on our beautiful and fantastic momma! Love and Miss you:)