Tuesday, March 8, 2011

going home

My flight home is booked!

I'm so excited. We fly out April 7th and stay until the 30th. We are flying into Chicago, which is where Dani is, and then driving to Marquette where my mom will pick Liv and I up.

I am going to be doing some major catching up with my friends and family. Everyone is so excited to see Liv. Thats what happens when you have a baby...nobody is quite as excited to see you anymore. I'm ok with that though, I'd rather show her off :).

We have a direct flight both ways and my only anxiety going into these flights is that Liv no longer has a bottle. I have flown with her a handful of times, including to Belfast, Northern Ireland. So...you would think I would be an expert traveller, but I still worry about what will happen on that flight. I will have to make sure the portable dvd player is charged and ready. I've also learned that having a whole arsenal of snacks is very important among coveted toys.Also, I am prepared to not eat, drink, or pee for the duration of the flight.

I can only hope that there will be an open row available because I've definitely been the woman with the baby who is kicking/prodding/grabbing ther person next to us. I've also been the person who has had to say "Oh you weren't done with that muffin? well my daughter just picked it up and took a bite".

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  1. Yayyyy....can't wait to see BOTH of you :)
    Love you, Tara