Friday, April 1, 2011


Liv started calling me "Desi" yesterday....

Sure, she still mostly calls me mama, but she gets a good giggle running around chirping "Desiiiiiii, Desiiiiii" she says it almost perfectly, with an added little toddler lisp in there. So cute.

Since she's all about my name and I have been asking her lately "What is your name?", I thought I would try again tonight....this is how it unfolded.

::Liv sitting in her highchair slurping up some cheerios and milk::

me: Liv what is your name?

liv: "sluuuuuuuurp"

me: What is your name? your name? what is your name??

liv: (very proudly and pointing to herself) MEEEEEEEEEEE!

.....we haven't quite figured this out yet.

1 comment:

  1. Too funny! Ari calls herself "Anna" now, very strange haha.