Tuesday, April 5, 2011

20 Months

Yesterday marked 20 months for Liv. The terrible two's are going strong in this household. Liv is conveying to us more and more her needs and wants, its just that sometimes those aren't things that I am willing to give her. For example, like a million snacks a day. Liv is known to literally throw herself on the ground and throw and all out tantrum. Usually this is easily fixed by picking her up, patting her back, and letting her know why she can't have what she's asking for. A little love goes a long way though.

Liv's current favorite things include:

Stickers....oh lord, the "stickies" we have in this house. I am constantly picking stickies up and off of everything. Liv loves to cover herself in them. Nothing gives her as much joy as a huge book of stickies. She immediately asks for them when she wakes up and continues until bedtime.

Coloring is also a big favorite now. We "Colow" all day. I use the term "we" lightly because Liv doesn't really let me or want me to color with her, she would prefer me to sit next to her and watch.

Snacks...did I mention snacks?

Liv loves to play outside. Pat took her out a few times on sunday. Just to shovel the walk and build a few snowmen, but it doesn't matter if we actually do anything with her, the mere act of being outside gives her joy.

Talking. This girl loves to talk our ears off. She is putting more words together now. It makes it easier to communicate with her, but she's still a fan of talking in her own language. It's usually a bunch of mumbo jumbo that ends in a word we know. She is so confident in herself though...she knows exactly what she wants to say.

Reading. When I took Liv's bottle away, we started reading before bedtime and naptime. She has always liked to look a books, but it was a struggle to get her to sit down and let us read to her. Now, its an all day activity. Pat was watching freakonomics a few weeks ago and it said that out of everything you can do for your child, reading to them is the most beneficial. We have taken that to heart. Also, working in a first grade classroom, let me tell you...its very clear which kids were read to and which were not. They just had much more flow to their reading, like they knew how it was supposed to all blend together. So, I'm happy with this love of Liv's.

Music. Girl has some good dance moves.

Some of Liv's dislikes include:
Getting her diaper changed (still), being told no, when there is not a pop music station playing in the car, coming inside from outside, sitting still...typical toddler behavior.

She is such a sprited little girl. Pat and I like to talk about her to eachother a lot. We were out on Saturday night, in a club (which we thought was a pub, whole other story). Anyways, we were screaming at eachother to be heard and were talking about our daughter. Pat said "she will always make us laugh", and its so simple but so true. Nobody can bring a smile to your face like your own child. She thrills us.

I don't have any pictures right now, but let me assure you, I will. We are going to see Dani who will spoil us with amazing pictures, and of course I will eagerly share them!

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