Saturday, April 9, 2011


We are here!! In one piece...both of us.

Everything went great. We played in the airport before our flight, Liv stood by the window and yelled at all the "APPIESSS" (airplanes). I finagled an extra seat for us and she ended up sleeping for half of the flight and then sitting next to me eating snacks and watching her dvd's. It went very well...I would have liked if she had slept longer but I can't complain. 

I can complain about the drunk guy sitting diagonal from us. He was obnoxious and kept turning around and staring at my child. It was a bit creepy and I had to break out my stink eye.

Since we've been here we've been doing a lot of catching up with "Dadeee"( Auntie Dani) and "Bikey"(Uncle Mikey). Dani was waiting for us at baggage claim while Mike did circles outside, it was nuts out there. Liv immediately ran up to Dani. No awkwardness at all. She actually has gotten a little confused a few times about who mommy is. That is something new...It takes a little convincing once she has it in her head.

My mother also made a surprise visit. We weren't supposed to see her until Monday, but she was on her way back from a work trip and her flight got cancelled so she stayed with us on Friday night and flew out today at 4. We drove her into the airport which made for a long day, but before that we spent the morning together, she bought me a wedding dress, and I had my first Chicago Style hot dog!

Wait, what? New wedding dress? Yes I will admit to being a bit of a spazz, but I just wasn't happy with my dress. I tried it on for my mom and sister and they weren't wowed either. So, after some online perusing (which I may or may not have been doing for months), I had a dress in mind that I had to try on. I went to David's Bridal, tried it on and my mom bought me the dress! Its exactly what I wanted. It fits perfectly and just needs to be hemmed. I'm still deciding on whether I'll put pictures up or not. I might need to keep it a surprise, because I'm such a traditional bride ::rolls eyes::

We are heading up to the U.P. tomorrow, but not before we have a photo shoot with Liv. I do have a few pictures to share. Of course Dani has been snapping away all weekend.
seriously, how does an impromptu photo shoot turn out so damn cute?

Liv looks so much like her dad in this pictures it scares me...

bubble beard!

this is my favorite...i die


bubble baths are the best.


  1. Liv's pics are absolutely adorable Desi! Are you still coming to visit us? I hope so! Safe travels to you and I am glad you found a wedding dress you love. Every girl deserves to LOVE her wedding dress.

  2. So cute!!! I can't wait to see you guys! Get ahold of me when you are home and get a chance :) Tara

  3. Love the pics! Is your sister a photographer?!
    Pleeeeeeeease put up pics of your wedding dress...I'm dying to see it!

  4. Jenna - Tara and I are coming to mqt next weekend and you can bet your cute bum we are coming to see you!

    Mama Tully - She is a photographer! Well, its not her career job at the moment, but she still does it on the side. She's the best :). I'm considering taking pictures...I will just tell pat not to look :).

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