Monday, April 4, 2011

almost vacay and some wedding drama.

We leave on Thursday for Chicago...I am so so excited, but packing anxiety has struck.

We are only taking one suitcase and I have anxiety until the moment my bag is weighed, checked, and out of my eyesight. Any other mom's have the same anxiety? It will make things easier now that Liv has no bottles, but also more difficult on the plane. How in the heavens am I going to get Liv asleep?? Hopefully its not a totally disaster.

In other stressful news, my computer will not turn on anymore. I am going to bring it to a place called tech support to see if it has any hope. If not, I'm not sure what I'm going to do...I feel completely lost without a computer. I use Pat's when he is at work...but he is literally attached to it when he's home. I would have to do some major begging to be able to use it.

What? doesn't sound stressful enough? Well, I also am having serious second thoughts about the dress I have for the reception. I dunno, I just feel its a big blah. I know I could dress it up with a belt, but I'm not sure it would be enough for me. I have been perusing online and found a few dresses on Zara and French Connection that I am considering. I am not making the same mistake though...I'm going to go try them on. Here is what they look like.

Keep in mind. We are not having a ceremony...we are already married. We are having a reception in my hometown to celebrate our marriage. Which means, I can be as casual or dressy as I like. I would like to stick with a white/cream color...but length is not an issue for me. Oh, and I realize two of these dresses are strapless, which I said I did not want...but I am keeping an open mind.

found here

found here

found here there is also a knee length version.

found here, its so simple...but there is something I like about that.


  1. love love love the first one!! :)

  2. I think they are all beautiful. My favs are the first and third ones, but I like your original dress the most. It's beautiful and looks perfect on you. What about if you wear some very sparkly chandelier earrings with it? Or long diamondy drop earings? And/or you could wear your hair up with a large cream flower or sparkly broach or something in your hair. That be beautiful and it would add a little something extra.

  3. I LOVE the third one. Gorgeous. And let me know what you do on the airplane because Bella and I will be doing that in a week and a half too. :/

  4. I LOVEEE the second one! That will look great on you Desi!