Thursday, April 21, 2011

what's new

I have been neglecting my blog while I've been home. I'm just enjoying our time here with my family. So, here is a little update.

Pat went back to his old job. The one where he was gone for weeks and then home for a day and a half, but they are putting him on a rotation so he will be home more often and for longer stretches of time. The deciding factor for us was that it pays more than his other job and we found out that I most likely won't be working until November. So thats that.

My computer is completely dead. It wont be resurrected. So, yesterday, Pat went and bought us a macbook pro. We are going to share that and his computer. I'm really excited to use it!

Liv has been saying some really funny phrases lately. My favorites include: dada at woookk (work), papa go sideeee (outside), mama dethiii mama dethiii (for some reason she decided that calling me by my name is appropriate). She has also been hogging the phone. If I let her talk to auntie Dani or Pat, she refuses to give the phone back...I basically have to pry it out of her fingers. I think this may be a sign of things to come in her teenage years.

My goal while home is to get as much wedding stuff as possible finished. I ordered our invitations, which Dani designed for us, and they will be here tomorrow and I've also collected all of the supplies for our centerpieces. We are gonna have a invite/centerpiece party so we can have some help putting everything together.

I have some more pictures from our visit in Chicago. They are too cute not to share.

liv loved hanging out on dani's little deck. she could see the duckies from there.

duckies! high five!

loves auntie dani.

the happy baby, ducky dance

working on her poses

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  1. Well, that's too bad about the job, but at least it's not quite as long of "gone time" as before. I'm glad you guys have had a good past few weeks. Totally jealous of the macbook.