Wednesday, December 29, 2010

uh oh.

I really wanted to post on the blog because I took some pictures of Liv in her new outfit that mommy and daddy got her for christmas. I have been just waiting to put it on her. I had it stashed away for a few weeks and it took everything I had in me not to break it out early and put it on her.

On the home front, Liv will be 17 months on Sunday. I'm looking forward to that post because I feel like there has been a lot of different changes going on. Especially in the talking department. I have to share a quick story that happened last night.

I was cleaning out my closet, it needed it badly. Liv likes to steal things out of my closet like shoes, purses, and belts. All of which are sitting in a tupperware because we are a little crammed. As I was cleaning out my tupperware, Liv spotted her portable dvd player. I have been hiding it because it usually causes a meltdown. But, I tried to put my controlling instinct at bay, and set it all up for her in her room. I played some cinderelmo (her favorite) and when I left, she was sitting cross-legged with my water bottle, happily watching and bopping to the music.

Then about 3 minutes later, Liv came out and walked up to me and said "uh ohhh". So I asked her what happened, not that she would answer me, and followed her back to her room. She spilled a little water, so I wiped it up and went back to the livingroom.

This continued. She did it about 4 times before I moved her dvd player into the livingroom. It amazed me how quickly she caught on that if she came out and said "uh oh" that I would follow her, which is ultimately what she wanted. So cute. The cutest part was how she would run her little legs back to her room as soon as she got me to follow her...very proud of herself for being so sly.

But, like I ended in a meltdown, obviously. Due to the fact that her dvd player wasn't charged and needed to be plugged into the wall, and while plugged in it couldn't reach the table where she wanted it to be...tragic I tell you. She lost it, came over and put the dvd player on my lap and threw a fit. The life of a toddler.

snacky snack snack

I just have to sigh because my god does she look like Pat in this picture

outta here

ahhhh baby bum in skinny jeans...gets me every time.


  1. Ha! She does look like Pat in these, but don't fret a prettier version!

  2. love skinnies on babies...too cute!

  3. Cute!

    Jack is 17 months and we're in the "Uh oh" stage too. They're so funny!

  4. That's too funny. It's crazy how much they know! She's a sly little lady!