Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Leslie, Liv, and I made a trip to Ikea today. I needed to look for christmas presents for Liv and since I was there I wanted to buy a few more decorations for our tree.

I didn't plan on buying the gifts today, but after looking online, I decided to make the purchases because helloo did you know how expensive it is to have things shipped to Canada? Too expensive.

I have been wanting to get Liv an armchair, much like the pottery barn anywhere chairs. I loved how big and comfy they looked and how you could get a name monogrammed onto them. Well I saw this chair in Ikea and went in a totally different direction. It also helped that it was more than half the price of what the pbk chair would have been.

Pat and I have been planning on getting Liv a kitchen for quite awhile. First for her birthday and now I've decided we are taking the plunge. I wanted something wooden that would stand up and be visually appealing. This kitchen came with 2 pieces, but the top piece which was comprised of a shelf and microwave is too tall for Liv right now anyways, so we just purchased the bottom piece.
I ran into this fabric food and could not pass it up. Its adorable and I thought they were pretty unique.

How cute is that???! Now I'm basically finished. Liv needs a stocking and some stocking stuffers, some of which will be pots and pans because wouldn't you know I forgot that part.


  1. OMG really cute! I wish we had an IKEA here. Arianna also got a kitchen for Christmas, but it isn't nearly as modern and trendy as Liv's :) Anyway, love the fabric food. I thought about trying to make some of that, but gave up after about an hour, haha.

  2. I was looking at Ikea for a similar chair to the PB Anywhere the other day! I love the felt food and am hopefully going to get some for Blondie Boy to go with the kitchen his grandparents are getting him!

  3. Its so fricken hard to find a decent priced wooden kitchen! It doesn't really matter though, I don't think our children care that they are modern or trendy looking haha.

    Melaina - Ikea didn't have anything similar hey?! I looked too, but found that chair instead. It is cuter in person that in the picture, we had her try it out :). The felt food is soo cute too!

  4. Love your blog super cute! .....I actually also make felt food too and just started selling it in my etsy shop. Check it out on