Tuesday, December 21, 2010

its crunch time

Three days until Christmas! I have been busy. Shopping, cleaning, baking, crafting some gifts, chasing a gremlin around, oh and Pat came home yesterday (woop woop). I have actually been thrilled to have something to do with my time. Usually I'm bored...vedy vedy bored. I am really good at complaining about it, however, now I get to complain about all the stuff I have to do :).

We have Christmas parties/get-togethers starting on Thursday. I need to get my baking done. I plan on making one type of cookie. I'm over-achieving, I know. I have also been requested to make queso for the Christmas Eve party and since its easy and requires 4 ingredients, I happily agreed.

As I type this, Pat is sitting next to me. He is having a whiskey and I am having a bud light. We were looking at some real estate together and I made sure to tell him a few times how happy I was that he was home. Pat has one more hole to drill after Christmas, which should take around three days, and then he'll be working in town for awhile! We're looking forward to it.

I have to share some pictures of Liv's favorite new activity. There is something you should know before I post these....Liv loves Lily. The only problem with their relationship is that Lily doesn't love Liv back. It breaks my heart that Lily won't let Liv lug her around however and wherever she pleases...so I thought of an idea. I swaddled my little 5lb Lily in a blanket and let Liv hold her like a baby.
lily is thrilled...

lily burrito


did I mention I have been crafting? My baby looks boho chic :)

making liv stand on the wall with the "O" auntie Dani made her :)


  1. Get that sucky out of that kid's mouth!!!! How can we all see how Beautiful she is with that thing sticking out of her mouth. I LOVE YOU DESI!!!!! Just can't help myself. Desi's mom ;)

  2. So Pretty! Love the heaband:)

  3. too funny about lily in a blanket. maybe someday she'll just throw in the towel and let liv have her way. your blog makes me laugh :) daily stop for me! have a merry christmas! thanks again for the queso recipe!! -andrea

  4. Mom - one thing at a time here...bubba's need to be gone first. Her sucky is her crack :).

    Dani- thanks:) I knew you'd like it.

    Andrea - Good, I'm glad you like it! I'm holding out hope for lily too :)

  5. Thanks for the new post finally! I was having withdrawls ;) Call me when you have a free couple of minutes. Love you, Tara