Tuesday, September 28, 2010

somebody's somebody

Prologue: Pat has a beautiful cousin. We will call her Giselle (I don't know if she would like me using her real name, so psuedo it is), because, she's not just any other beautiful face, she's a model. Another important point to make is her husband's best friend is Vince Vaughn. Yes...I know, Vince Vaughn!  Pat claims he shook his hand at her wedding and I told him I'd never forgive him because I wasn't there.

I had the pleasure to meet Giselle and her mother the other night. Pat's Aunt Donna planned for all of us to meet for dinner, with Liv of course. We met at Chianti, which is a nice little Italian restaurant. After dinner Pat and I were chatting online via skype. I like to tease Pat, but don't feel bad for him because he teases me. He's much better at teasing me than I am at teasing him. That doesn't deter me though...I jumped at the chance to tell him that Giselle got all the looks in his generation and thank god Liv took after her :).

Pat likes to remind me that Giselle's husband knows Vince Vaughn every time Giselle's name is mentioned. He asked me how dinner was....this is where our conversation went:

Patrick Bateman: do you feel like an almost celebrity

Desaree Bateman: hahaha no

Patrick Bateman: that you know someone who knows someone?

Desaree Bateman: not one bit

Desaree Bateman: i feel like an extra nobody

Patrick Bateman: hahahahaa

Patrick Bateman: well thats about right

Desaree Bateman: hahaha

Desaree Bateman: i'm your somebody

Patrick Bateman: yes love
Fate set in and I was watching sex and the city re-runs. You know the one when the girls are in LA, Carrie talks to a producer about making her column into a movie, and they trick Charlotte into getting a brazillian bikini wax? Yes, that one. Well, Vince plays Carrie's LA fling and I don't think god could have planned for this episode to be played at a more perfect time. Of course Pat and my conversation continued after I had an OMG moment about the perfect timing.:

Desaree Bateman: i'm watching my friend vince

Patrick Bateman: ok

Patrick Bateman: well ive met him

Desaree Bateman: yes yes i know

Patrick Bateman: haha

Desaree Bateman: you probably played it super cool too

Patrick Bateman: hey vinny

Patrick Bateman: haha
In summary you may have notice that...
a. Pat and I are huge dorks
b. we over-use instant messaging laughter i.e. "haha", forgive us, we are joyful people
c. I let Pat think he's cooler than he actually is (he would argue this point)
d.I am clearly the cooler person in our relationship, no news to me though :)

Now, a picture of the coolest person I know


  1. I like how you picked the name Giselle. ;)

    I once got to see Donald Trump, Barbara Walters, and Britney Spears in New York. And that is my only claim to fame.

  2. hahah thats pretty impressive though.