Thursday, September 9, 2010

oh the life of a chihua

On top of my to-do list today was bringing Lily to the vet. She was due for her yearly visit and a vaccine. I hate bringing lily to the vet. She is antisocial and doesn't have a friend in the world. She growls/barks at other dogs and cats and they usually have to take her out of the room to give her a shot of clip her toenails.

This was a new vet though, because we are no longer living in Marquette. So, we walk in and Lily barks a little bit because she's in her kennel. Easy fix, I take her out and hold her. There are maybe 4 random cats perched around this place, which was only slightly annoying because I thought lily would act like a beast but also because this place smelled. I couldn't help but look around and see how dirty it was and think "god, maybe you people sitting behind the desk could use a vacuum, some bleach spray and I dunno, some febreeze". It didnt' smell sanitary and after seeing the hair everywhere I knew it wasn't. Tangent, but I'm back on track now.

Like I said, I usually don't leave the vet office unscathed. There is always a point of embarassment. To my suprise Lily is behaving quite nicely. We go back to the room and she lets the 2 girls weigh her and when the doctor and her assistant come in they tell her what a doll she is and they let her check her ears, teeth, and mouth. This is where I start thinking "who do you belong to??? because you are not my dog". Then they give her the shot....not a wimper, sound, peep, nothing!

I then mention that she needed her nails clipped. I don't know what it is about her nails, but she is very attached to them. I can't go near them...I try to even pet them to see if I can warm her up to the idea and its a no-go. The sounds that came out of her little snout while they were clipping all four paws were nothing short of pathetic. High pitched, whiney, hysterical....I'm sure everyone in the waiting room thought we were beating her.

"Take some baby steps, baby steps, little tiny babyyy steps" (does anybody watch yo gabba gabba? no, well nevermind then). Compared to all the others, it was probably the best vet appointment we've ever had.

ohhh are going to love canada, but I'm not sure its going to love you back haha.


  1. aww what a cute little chihuahua!

  2. OMGoodness. She is so teeny and fierce looking! I love it!

  3. hahaha she is fierce! That is probably the best description for her.