Tuesday, September 21, 2010

so this is what boredom feels like...

So, my grandmother left today. Not that we were super busy, but we planned things for most days while she was here. I also had unpacking to do, so I felt somewhat busy. After dropping her off at the airport the afternoon dragged on and on and on. Seriously?? What am I going to do with my life for the next couple of months when I can't work. I am going to have to discover a slew of extracurricular activities to keep Liv and myself entertained.

To add to our boredom, it has rained every day since we have got here, but its supposed to warm up for the next couple of days so we will need to get outside before it stays cold. Also, Pat is in Northern Alberta until a time that is yet to be determined. There are 8 wells that need to be drilled at this particular location and they are still only on well number 2. The problems just keep coming and so we don't know when we will get to see Pat. He is a busy guy right now and working nights (12hr shifts). My job is to stay positive about the whole situation, which it is, because Pat has a job and in this economy and thats a great thing.

We might travel up north 3 hours to Edmonton. Pat would meet us there, and it just so happens that one of my very best friends (Ashley) just moved up there with her boyfriend. Weird that we both met our bf's in college and they happened to play hockey and be canadian. I would really like to see her so I'm looking forward to this.

Other than that...Liv is sleeping like crap. She seems to think that 5am is a good time to wake up. I would usually remedy this situation with a nice warm bubba, however, Liv screams bloody murder if I place her back in her crib. So...she's been drinking the bubba in bed with me and then I transport her back to bed because she thinks standing and dancing on my bed is what we do...its not for sleeping because whenever she's in there she never gets to see her mom sleeping :/.

This will be the end of my complaining, promise. I do have some good news to share...My grandma bought me a sewing machine when I was here so I will have something to keep me busy while Liv is sleeping. But maybe if I'm sewing her things she'll be ok with me crafting while she's awake!

Here's a pic of my angel child on our trip to canada. Personal dvd players = personal bliss for mama :). Notice how closely Lily's kennel is to Liv's carseat...the explorer was packed, packed to the max. We would randomly hear lily growl/freak out if she thought Liv was getting a little too close to comfort.

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