Thursday, November 3, 2011

toddler beds

Oh the adventures of toddler beds. Let me set the scene: It's around 2 o'clock pm. I put liv down for her nap sometime after 1pm. I had heard her playing in there, which is the usual now, but it had been quiet for some time. I thought I'd go check to see that she was ::fingers crossed:: sleeping.

I opened the door and immediately looked on her bed, hmmm, no liv. A quick scan of her floor told me she wasn't there either. I could see Liv's closet light under the door. I slowly creaked the closet door open and this is what I saw.

I questioned her sanity when she chose the floor over her bed, but at least she thought ahead and brought the essentials. Pillow, 2 "kikis", and seahorse. She continued to sleep in here for 2 and a half hours!!!!! really....I had to go wake her up.