Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Liv Lately

Despite the terrible two's, because they are definitely live and and well in our household, Liv is still so much fun. I was just talking to my SIL about how I am afraid to have another baby, not just because I'm afraid of the baby stage, because I am, but I also will be the most impatient mother ever knowing the little personalities they develop and how much fun they become :). It might also have to do with the fact that I wouldn't just have a little baby to cuddle with, but also a demanding toddler.

Liv is hilarious though. She says the funniest things. Sunday I went into our little bathroom in our room to change and throw on some make-up and she followed me in there, shut the door and said "mama, what da matter?". I looked at her and laughed then said "nothings the matter Liv" and she continued on with "tell me what da matter?". Haha, there was absolutely nothing wrong, but it was so cute and thoughtful that she felt the need to come ask. I don't get to see that side of her every day.

Pat recently got an ipad for work.....and I have to hide it. If it sat out all day, Liv would want to play with her the "pie-pad" all day. She also is really into her mega blocks and building castles, which of course is followed by her stuffing all of her princesses inside. She loves to color and collect "monies" from here dad and I to put her in purse while dressed up in all her princess clothes, including the shoes. Oh, and lets not forget singing and dancing, because she probably dances and around 50% of our day. I have a video of her dancing to Justin Bieber...need to upload it. She still loves her some "baby" by the Biebs.

Changes that have been happening lately? We have lots of them. Potty training for one. It's going pretty well. She still wears pull-ups the majority of the time, but requests to wear her "panties" in the mornings and afternoons and will let us know when she has to potty. She has had a lot of little accidents where she pee's a little and catches herself and asks to sit on the potty. Pooping on the potty is verryy few and far between. I swear she waits for us to put a pull-up on her so she can poop in it.

We also switched her into a toddler bed when we moved. So, she had 3 nights in it and then we went to the States for 3 weeks. I was a bit afraid because before we left I was lying with her to fall asleep. She was afraid and we were trying something new in a new place so I was feeling guilty. However, I've corrected that situation. Let me correct myself, at nighttime Liv will go to sleep in her bed no problem. During the day she gets out and plays...which turns in to me hoping she'll eventually fall asleep and having to bring her in our room and lie in our bed with her. I'm not quite sure what to do with the nap thing, so suggestions would be appreciated.

I have some photos from Sunday when we went to a friend's farm and rode horses! Liv was supposed to be riding with her dad, because I had never really ridden a horse...but ah the terrible two's. She threw an absolute fit and was scaring the horse, soooo she ended up with me.

feeding the horsies grass.

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  1. Ahhh so cute! Hope the riding went well for you guys!