Sunday, November 13, 2011

sunday update

Ashley left today. For those of you who don't know Ashley, she has been one of my best friends since middle school. She met her fiance in the Sault (our hometown) and moved to Edmonton, which is 3 hours North of Calgary. Isn't it ironic that she met a good 'ol Canadian boy and moved to Canada also?

Lucky me though, because she just spent 4 days with us! We had fun. A lot of mellow "old lady" fun, but thats our style. We did some crafting, thrifting, cooking, and visiting....lots of visiting. 

My sister told me today that my mom called her and said "Did you know that Ashley and Desi spent their Saturday night crafting?". You know it's bad when your mom is making fun of you :). I assure you we had some wine with our crafts, because if anything is better than crafting, it's crafting when you are drinking wine.

We did have one small glitch in our Saturday night though. Her name is Liv. It took me 2 hours to put her to bed. I'm not sure what was up with her, but it was a struggle. She usually stays in her bed when I put her there and doesn't come out. Not last night though, she was on her worst bedtime behavior for Ashley. She tried to pull it on me again tonight but I nipped it in the bud right away. 

I'll be flying solo this week with Liv because Pat had to go out of town for work and will be gone for around a week. Not exactly sure how long yet. My goal is to keep us busy. I'm going to try to sign Liv up for swim class tomorrow so that should start our week off right.

Our last activity with Ashley was the coldest walk I've been on in a long time...but I have some pictures to share. I'll call this compilation: Liv and Lily, a Love/Hate Relationship.


  1. Desi she is so dang cute!! She looks like she is 4 years old already! I just love her style, too :)

    I hope all is well with you up in Canada!

    -Rachel Roberg

    p.s. I'm so happy you're still blogging :)

  2. This old lady had the best few days with you two! Thanks for the yummy food, my favorite new drink, quality girl time, and of course our crafting efforts which produced my favorite new candelabra...what more could you ask for on a Saturday night :)