Friday, November 4, 2011

getting my craft on

I have been inspired by what else, pinterest. I've spent many of liv's naps painting, cutting, glueing, and sewing.

Here are some of my crafts and the links to where I saw them on pinterest.

I got my idea from Here. I free handed the picture onto scrapbook paper then cut it out with an exacto knife. This is actually the cut-out from my homemade stencil. I used spray adhesive to attach it and then used a clear gloss spray paint to seal it.

This is the actual you can see, not as perfect, but that's ok. The background color is supposed to be grey, but as you can see it looks like a very pale blue. I plan on putting some hooks on the bottom to hold our keys. Here is where I found that idea.

Here is some more handmade canvases...I might change the yellow striped one, not sure if it goes or not. Here is where I got the idea for the doilies....although mine is not the same, it did inspire me though.

I made this to hold Liv's bows. I didn't find this on pinterest, but a lot of fellow bloggers have made or ordered similar things. This was a mirror that I thrifted. I knocked the mirror out and attached the ribbon with my trusty hot glue gun. It took me more time to actually put the bows on the ribbon :).
And for fun Liv and I made a turkey out of a cut out of her hand. She was more interested in throwing the felt around but she still enjoyed herself. I stole this idea from Emily. She did a tutorial on her blog. Here is the link.

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