Tuesday, August 30, 2011

here and there

I've been a little lost with what to write about on here lately. That's probably pretty obvious seeing its been about two weeks since I've last updated. I've started writing a few things and then I never go back to them.

It's safe to say that I'm feeling pretty blah.We need to move and are most likely not going to until October 1st, I still can't work and won't be until November...I'm just feeling a little stuck. I have also started some projects that I have yet to finish, like ::ahem:: my thank you cards from the wedding. In my defense, I ran out, but they need to be finished, asap.

I dunno...its just one of those months I guess. Where everything is at a standstill in life. I really need to learn how to enjoy these times. I do have a few things to look forward to, and the major one being: we are flying back to Michigan in October for a friend's wedding! I'm pretty excited. I think that we are going to make a trip down to Chicago to see Dani and Bikey too.

I am determined to be better about updating this little old blog of mine. I have some pictures of the things we've been doing...and I will be taking pictures of my nephew. I got a little pep talk from Dani and I'm going to put my veryyy amateur photog. skills to work!

at the lake...I've been playing with new hairdo's for liv.

it's cold!

just waking up from a 2hr nap in "mama's bed"

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  1. love liv's braid!

    & don't feel bad about not blogging. it's summer - it is fine to take a break.