Monday, August 8, 2011

picture recap

I've been gone so long that I don't even feel like I live in Calgary anymore! With that said, I spent last week getting back into the swing of things here. Unpacking is always fun...especially when you have a child and a husband that you have to unpack for too. The laundry is insane. I thought I was caught up but I forgot about the pile accumulating upstairs while I was busy washing downstairs, gah.

In other exciting news, we are apartment hunting. We've been looking at houses for awhile, mostly just to see what is out there. When Pat arrived in the Sault he announced his new plan, which I quickly agreed with. We are planning to rent for 6months to a year. That way my immigration will be finished and I'll hopefully be working...and there will be no settling for a house that we don't love.

So, thats where I'm at. We looked at an apartment last night. It was nice, in a good location, but it was a bit small for us. There is one that is literally a block away that would be perfect, however we are waiting for the tenant in that unit to give notice that he's the waiting game begins. We are looking at another apartment on Sunday and Monday. Keeping out options open, while I silently hope the perfect one becomes available.

Liv was amazing on our flight home. Of course, when Pat is there. He probably thinks I overexaggerate how hard it can be to fly with her. She slept for both flights, one was just over an hour and the other was 3.5 hours! It was amazing to be able to watch a whole movie ha. Next flight is in October and Liv will have her own seat...a blessing and a curse (holy ticket prices).

I have so so many pictures from our vacay, so I'll try my best to keep it down to a minimum.
Auntie Dani gave liv her first bday princess dress

and convinced her to pose like lady gaga...

I had a wonderful faux bachelorette party with some pretty amazing ladies (This is Tara)

Jocie and Dani

My twin

wouldn't be a night out without some karaoke :)

I got to watch Stella...and convince her to wear a bow

Ang and I at Sam and Dusty's wedding

We also had a princess party....Liv was SO excited.

yayyy more princesses dresses!

Liv had a little photoshoot with my mom and her cousin

and my mom came out with us...isn't she pretty?

our friend rob did a little planking....

The faux bachelorette group!

and one more...Thank you ladies!


  1. So fun!! Both the bachelorette and the princess party! And, yes, our mom is gorgeous. I would have thought she was one of your friends, lol!

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  3. hahah oh my! I will have to tell her that, it will make her day!

  4. Desi you look SO gorgeous in your wedding photo sneak peeks! I am so excited to see the rest :)