Friday, August 12, 2011

Furnishing on a Budget

We are currently looking for a place to rent. I would say apartment, but then again, we've looked at apartments that call themselves condos and condos that call themselves townhouses. So we'll stick with place. We want to rent for 6 months, maybe a little more, so that when we buy our home we can get what we want. I ::cross my fingers:: should be able to work by then.

So anyways, back to the budget part. I consider myself to be a thrifty person. I rarely go into a store and buy something that's not on the clearance rack. With that said, big purchases seem reallyyy big to me. That's where Kijiji comes in. Kijiji has been my best friend lately. Don't know what Kijiji is? Well, Kijiji is not only fun to say, but its a lot like craigslist but, in my opinion, easier to navigate and more user friendly.

 For example, I have a hard time paying $1600 for a bedroom set that I could get "lightly used" for half the price.

That said bedroom set included a queen frame with a padded headboard, a footboard, 2 side tables, a long dresser and mirror! It is barely used. If you aren't grossed out by using "used" items, which I'm not, it's a great way to save a lot of money.

There are also things that are more than barely used. I spotted 2 Ikea Tullsta Chairs and they were anything but pretty. They were a hunter green and very worn. But, a quick look on ikea showed me that they sell covers for them and so I snatched them up both up for $50 total and purchased two chair covers for $100. Total spending: $150. 

My other great finds include an ikea table and chair set (paid $50) and a Trofast storage system (paid $150). I have to say the storage system was probably my biggest savings, as it would retail around $400 total for everything I got.

I'm pretty impressed with myself. I'm totally sick of loading and unloading things...and sick of driving around searching for the addresses of where the seller is located, but all-in-all I'd say that I'm happy I did it. I'm done buying furniture on Kijiji for awhile....There isn't any more room in our basement to store it until we move!

My next purchase may be a toddler bed frame! Apparently Liv has decided it's cool to try and climb out of her crib....I was hoping to keep her in there until she was 4 :).

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