Tuesday, August 9, 2011

u.p. wedding

I didn't really have a theme for my wedding. I mean I had colors {gray and yellow}, but theme-wise, I was lacking. I had a vision, a lot of help, and when my mom told me about a conversation she had with a coworker, it clicked. She was describing all of our centerpieces (diy) and the woman was amazed and said "oh that's very u.p." I never in a million years would have planned a u.p. wedding, but it definitely was. It was outside, simple, slightly country, and come on there were branches on the table.

I have never put something together like this in my life. I felt a little over my head at times, but I'm so glad I had so much help and everyone took time to help create the masterpiece that it was.

I have some more pictures from our photographer, Lea Peterson. She did a post on her blog, Vienna Glenn Photography. She was so easy to work with and I have to say that it was far easier than I expected to have pictures of myself taken. I kept thinking it was going to be super uncomfortable and that Pat would be miserable, but we actually had a great time!

So, without further adieu, here is the sneak peek we received.
The perfect willow tree.

"today was a fairytale"...I hear this song when I look at this picture. yay Taylor  Swift.

we discovered how good we were at faux kissing :)

one of my favorites


"can you feel the magic in the air, must have been the way you kissed me!!!"

my SIL informed me that we looked like we got into a little mischief behind the bushes in this one....ha

vintage coke bottles and grey striped straws courtesy of Dani

warm coke....I was a fan, Pat, not so much. oy the things you do for love.


my amazing cake...courtesy of Tara.

By far, one of my favorite touches...hanging flowers over the dance floor.

"I GOT IT!" Liv's dress was handmade by mom mom :)

This pictures kills me....little princess.

Dani amazing us all with her speech, crowns included.

Dani made me this sign among a few others for the reception. She repainted old frames and put her prints on canvas. They were awesome. She's very talented. This was by far my favorite. It's the chorus to Blake Shelton's "Honey Bee", but obv. we included a little improv. of the lyrics.

Wouldn't have been the same without my girl Shannon.

We had 3 larger branches in pots with pictures from our ceremony hanging from them.

Thats how amazing the cake was....oh and that Groom's cake, kills me also. Pat loves the Flames and it was the perfect touch and oh so us.

Our dance....Liv included.

Father/Daughter dance...I love Liv in this picture.

Taking Liv for a little spin on the dancefloor.

Belle of the Ball

This is Rob....Rob before he split his pants :)

So much fun!

Pat dancing with his mom. 
Kind of out of order...but isn't he handsome :)


  1. Love the pictures Des! So happy for you and Pat, and the wedding looked amazing! :) Like I said before, Gorgeous!

  2. You guys looked absolutely stunning!!! & I can see so much of Liv in your face. Just beautiful!!

  3. Thank you guys! It was so much fun, I want a do-over :)

    Bethany you just made my day! I love hearing that Liv looks like me! ha.

  4. Stunning Bride Desi! You guys looked great and the pics came out amazing!!

  5. You guys looked awesome! I love how all of your pics turned out. Have to say though, my favorite is the one of Liv pulling the flowers up!! Ahahaha!