Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Liv turned 2 today at exactly 6:18am. I remember all 9lbs .09ozs of her. She gets more beautiful by the day. She is everything I would have wanted in a daughter. I have to admit that her princess fanaticism is really getting the best of her lately, but seriously the look on her face when she threw her a little party yesterday and every present she opened had princess stuff in it, omg...she completely flipped. She was the happiest girl on the planet.

We threw a very small birthday party for her yesterday because we leave the Sault today and head back to Calgary. We will have to throw another one in Calgary so I didn't wan to overdue it. Seriously though, any more princess presents and the girl would have exploded.

So, wish us luck on our flight. For the first time ever we will have Pat with us, so my anxiety level is staying at a manageable place. I'm looking forward to meeting my Nephew, Jax, for the first time and feeling like I live in Calgary once again :).

And, holy hold me, my baby is two!


  1. Happpy birthday beautiful Liv!!!!

  2. This post makes me smile. Seems like yesterday the girls were meeting as newborns :) If only you guys were closer and Ari and Liv could be princess besties! Hope the trip back is much more uneventful than the trip here!

  3. Happy Birthday Liv! Looking forward to seeing you guys again and getting to hear all about the summer.

  4. Happy Birthday to Liv the princess! She makes a very spunky little princess indeed:)