Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well...we signed a lease! Finally. We have been holding out for this place to open and it finally did. We technically can't move in until October 1st, but we might get to sneak in a few days early.

Its perfect for us. We signed a year lease, which isn't what we originally wanted, but I'm totally comfortable with that. It has 2 bedrooms and a den, washer/dryer, fireplace, dining area...and the other plus is it's all laminate hardwood floors. So, I don't have to stress about carpet. It's also located right on Fish Creek Park, which has walking trails and a river...it will be good for Liv and Lily.

Thats pretty much what has been going on here. I'm stressing about moving only a few days before we head back to Michigan for my friend's wedding, but I am so the type to unpack all at once and I know it will all work out.

In other news, Liv is going camping tomorrow with her grandma and Pat has to take a course out of town for two days. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself, but I'm sure I'll find something to do with my time. Possibly get caught up on my endless supply of laundry....

I've also been perusing pinterest for diy apartment decor and have a few projects I'd like to start. Or maybe I could finish a few projects that I've already started. The possibilities are endless :).


don't mind the hair....tunnel slides do a number on 2yr old hair.


  1. Yayyyy...I'm so excited for you. I need a skype date with you and Liv soon, maybe after she gets back from camping :) Miss you guys, can't wait for you to be back here! Love, Tara

  2. I love Pinterest, it is such an awesome website!